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Wonka Bars
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White Widow
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This is real great value RSO
Quick q - how many doses does 1ml give if you are using a rice grain amount each time?
Hi bud. I have 3 vapes and am fully converted. A crafty plus which is great for flower. A dynavap which I use for hash mainly and a xmax starry 3 whic…
on  winston
Vape recommendations (mainly for hash)
I've got a crafty plus and an xmax starry 3. Use both for hash with concentrate pads. Different to vaping bud - less vapour but you get the taste and …
on  carverr
Vaping Hash.
I've got a crafty plus and I use the concentrate pads that come with it. Pop one in the chamber and sprinkle a bit of hash on top. Works a treat at hi…