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Wonka Bars
Anyone here source these? Can get them elsewhere but find Biggy best site to use and would be great to have them here.
They are sold by Buddy1950Extracts. You wont get them here unless someone buys them to resale, as Buddy is not a vendor on LB. They arent worth more then the £32 asked so pleass dont be ripped off by people trying to make a quick buck after seeing this post. They cant be faked either. Buddys name is stamped on each square so you know its real.
Yeah that's them. Had a couple of strains and they were both ace. Yeah I hear what you're saying but wasn't sure if they could be reasonably sourced or not - bit like the bald eagle bakery stuff. Cheers.
Cheapest you will see the genuine Wonka bars is £30 -

Why not just buy them where you saw them on the DW?
Hi Mate,
this might be what you're looking for.
Had them a few times, waiting on my next order right now :)
Can deffo recommend the vendor too!
All the best
Thanks mate but I was after the chocolate wonka bars you can find on darknet sites. Had them before and they're mega and was hoping someone could source here but cheers for the rec I will give them a try too.
Found some chocolate here:
I am fairly new to edibles, i never had the chocolate wonkas ... please do comment with a link should you find them on here. Always happy about recommendations as well!
The Doinka Bars are nice and floaty :) I love em
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This is real great value RSO
Quick q - how many doses does 1ml give if you are using a rice grain amount each time?
White Widow
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