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Welcome to MamaKushKitchen!

I've been a pastry chef for close to 15 years, been dabbling in herb for about the same time. Whether that's growing, smoking or cooking with it. Here at littlebiggy I aim to bring you a selection of edibles suitable for various dietary requirements.


  • Lab testing will be an ongoing commitment. I aim to test extracts and concentrates before usage because it gives me a more accurate view on dosage.
  • There will be a distinction between full spectrum edibles and pure THC or CBD infused edibles.
  • No more handwritten labels! Finally got a printer, so all packages will now come with printed labels, and a printed label for every bag of edibles.
Product List

  • Mixed Flavour CBD (Low THC) Chews
  • Full Spectrum Shatter Infused Chews (Different Flavours). Currently using an Ice Cream Cake nug run shatter from canada. (Dropping 12/05)
  • Dark Hash Chocolate + Honeycomb Bites. Currently using Orange Drysift Hash.
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Closing completely until end of August.
Closed until 28/06/21
I'm back biggas!
Closing up shop, hopefully not for long
No honeycomb bites till possibly 30th April
Finally back with some updates!
Lab results!
Chew flavours
Back with a Sale!
Sold out for now, last deliveries 21st Dec
To whoever ordered anonymously today 16/12/20
Holidays are coming :)
All Sold Out!
by  titntin
Try these! Yum Yum..
Favourite edibles of all time?
Looking good
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