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Welcome to MamaKushKitchen!

I've been a pastry chef for close to 15 years, been dabbling in herb for about the same time. Whether that's growing, smoking or cooking with it. Still got my day job but looking forward to the day where i'm doing what i love 24/7. I appreciate all and any feedback, and will try to improve my products according to you :)


  • If you want a mixed chews bag, choose any bag to buy and then send me a message. If it's available I'm happy to mix it. Custom orders can be done too.
  • Keeping a slight reduction to prices after the sale of 5%.
  • Looking at alternate sources of distillate in response to bad ratings, my current source is good but not always consistent so will hopefully have that sorted asap.
  • Hoping to have Honeycomb bites back by next week! Having some issues with deliveries so low in stock for everything atm, trying my best to get everything back to normal.

Deliveries and Stealth

UK delivery only atm.
Free royal mail first class, and next day delivery available ($6).
1 Bag will be sent in a small envelope, 2-4 bags in a large envelope (which should still fit through a letterbox, i tested lol), anything more than 4 bags will be sent in a small box with bubblewrap to ensure nothing rattles. All products are vacuum sealed in a mylar bag, anything especially pungent will be sealed with an inner bag.

Product List

  • Raspberry Chews  
  • Blood Orange Chews  
  • Passion Fruit Chews  
  • Mango Chews (Coming Soon)  
  • Morello Cherry Chews (Coming Soon)  
  • Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Bites  
  • Milk Chocolate Orange + Shortbread Bites
  • Cheese + Herb Stars (Coming Soon)

Happy Browsing Biggas and Have a Great Day!

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10/10 Handmade Raspberry Distillate Infused Chews
rated 1 day ago   took 2 days to arrive
9/10 Handmade Blood Orange Distillate Infused Chews
rated 9 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
10/10 Handmade Passion Fruit Distillate Infused Chews
rated 10 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
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