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Guaranteed shipping is Monday to Friday.

Make sure your address is correct as i just copy and paste to avoid errors from myself.

Order before 12PM to guarantee it gets sent out the same day.

Orders after 12PM may still be sent out if the schedule is not to busy.

All orders will have proof of weight and postage if needed.

All orders are properly packaged, wiped and sealed.

Any problems message me first and they will be dealt with appropriately.

50% Refund in the unlikely event a parcel gets seized or goes missing case by case basis (UK).

Tracking numbers are only released if there is a issue with the order.

Read the description of the product before you purchase to avoid any disappointments.
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*New Batch 13/09/21* All big dense nugs!
Stardawg (70% sativa/30% indica)

Hybrid cross between Chemdog 4 and Tres Dawg.

Earthy pine with sour notes of diesel
3.5 Grams Stardawg $45.00 BTC0.0010683
7 Grams Stardawg $80.00 BTC0.0018992
14 Grams Stardawg $140.00 BTC0.0033236
28 Grams Stardawg $265.00 BTC0.0062911
56 Grams Stardawg $510.00 BTC0.0121074
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*new batch 21/09/21* will be updating the picture soon not as good as the last batch but still a nice batch.

This sativa produces a strong cerebral high, marked with distinct citrus notes and an intensely psychedelic rush due to its elevated THC levels. This strain is popular not only for its guaranteed happy-high, but also for its ability to reduce pains and aches greatly.

Happy – 10
Euphoric – 8
Uplifted – 8
Creative – 6
Energetic – 6
3.5 Grams Amnesia Haze $45.00 BTC0.0010683
7 Grams Amnesia Haze $80.00 BTC0.0018992
14 Grams Amnesia Haze $140.00 BTC0.0033236
28 Grams Amnesia Haze $265.00 BTC0.0062911
56 Grams Amnesia Haze $510.00 BTC0.0121074
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10/10 Stardawg
reviewed today took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Chocolope
reviewed 1 day ago   took 2 days to arrive
10/10 Stardawg
reviewed 1 day ago   took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Chocolope
reviewed 2 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
10/10 Chocolope
reviewed 3 days ago   took 3 days to arrive
10/10 Chocolope
reviewed 3 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
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23 topics on ukpacks
by  naboo_420
My experience with ukpacks
by  ZenX
by  codeskent
Thank you UKPacks!
I just wanted to leave a small review for this vendor for two reasons… firstly because I’ve made 9 orders with them since the beginning of April. And I’ve received it NDD EVERY time. If I know I’m nearly out I never have to worry as I know I’ll always receive my order the following day. A lot of other vendors I use, use 1st class so who knows when it will definitely turn up.

The prices are incredible and the quality of the bud is much better than ‘B’ grade Ammo Haze.

Secondly because I accidentally received a freebie and the vendor was totally cool about it and any past comms I’ve had have always been top notch and received a response in less than 24 hours.

Top quality vendor for sure!
Agree to. I haven't purchased of UKPacks for a bit but the times I have done the quality has been really good, as good as any other vendor I have purchased off.
I agree with everything written about UKPacks, flawless reliability, friendly and fast comms, BEST price and most important a quality smoke EVERY time. Added bonus knowing when it’s a new batch and each new batch is always high quality. Great vendor.
Totally agree, a great vendor with a great product. Reliable and 100% trustworthy. First vendor I used on here and I haven't looked back I can't say how UKPacks compares to other vendors on here because why would I bother going anywhere else. My only gripe is it's so strong I have to be careful with the tolerance thing.😂
worst vendor on LB!


Over 2 months later and your still posting get a life mate
yeah, thanks for advertising product that looks ok, when is reality you ship out grabage, in fact the worst bud on LB.

thanks a lot for that. lol.
by  Simbs
Thank you UKPacks!
**ukpacks not to be trusted**
by  EasyMe33
Great batch of dawg.
New products and some changes to cut off time.
by  codeskent
Tropicana Cookies - ukpacks
2 months on LB sale! 18/04/21
Amnesia haze
Temporary changes to cut off time!
Another lovely batch of Amnesia in stock! 12/05/21
Changes to cut off time.
New Stock!
by  Rib69c
Love the date stamp on the batch! V HANDY
by  Chef99
Top vendor
Win 14Grams of Amnesia Haze!!
Delays! 8/3/21
Amnesia Haze
All Orders have been sent!
Get a 3.5 for £10!
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Ice cream cake no scent whatsoever!
Haha all good mate + 7 more
devvy borg
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Love the changes! i haven't been able to get on here to answer messages since yesterday but it feels back to normal now, i noticed you have to click o…