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{lb help}
on  {lb help}
First order, am I right so far!?
All's fine it takes a while sometimes a longer while but it always goes through in the end! You'll get a paid message in the chats when it does.
on  [music]
The Last Rock Band?
I always enjoy telling them that i saw Dave Grohl drumming for Scream before he joined Nirvana.
Hangover Cures?!
Lucozade orange.
on  [music]
Worst song ever? And why... GO!
D'yer Maker by those Blood and Fire Roots Reggae Heroes Led Zep. Why? Because it's 'kin awful + 2 more
Look nice
started topic + 2 more
I never knew there was an LB apparel line! 😻
It always used to say that on the tab for any page that was open on my laptop. + 2 more
on  rtbobbyt
Eindhoven coffee shops
I Go over to a festival in a nearby city most years (pre covid).Most of the Brabant region had the weed pass as they were fed up with drug tourists cr… + 3 more
space 1999
That was the most expensive TV show of it's time a UK/Italian co production.If you haven't seen it check out UFO the other series made before this by …
COULD THIS BE THE STRAW THAT FINALLY BREAKS THE CAMELS BACK...!?!? There has been a number of reports saying that smokers (baccy) have been under represented in the numbers of covi…
There seems to be a Royal Mail Strike Going on, i will keep u guys updated, as of now this may affect service tomorrow. …
It's not a Royal Mail strike it's the Post Office and its only what they call Crown offices ie the ones owned and run directly by the post office stan…
signature required
Put yourself in the posties position, They are not supposed to sign for things many will but seeing a different name to the rest of the post will set … + 2 more
removing stuck buy order notification
The last order i made on here is stuck for me too,It's been received and reviewed but still there.
on  Wifftat
VAPE pax 3 with hash and concentrates
You should try the concentrates from ULC I put them in a PAX 3 The mimosa is my fave really tasty The Chemdawg is top notch too and to me a little str…