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on  [travel]
Friendliest Islamic Destinations?
You're right to call out a casual use of 'extremism' but, after watching our welfare state and essential services either systematically dismantled or …
Super Lemon Haze combo review
Just enjoyed an excellent 7G deal with DGT - sunset sherbet + ammy hash - and can certainly second your recommendation of JJ and the crew. The SLH sou…
doctor doc
are hot tubs healthy?
I'd actually put that down as a plus point.
on  ZoonLess
Coin base is terrible.
This. No issues for me either. Could do without the hefty fees but I don't know of any straightforward alternatives.
on  [music]
Worst song ever? And why... GO!
Ob-la-fuckin-di, ob-la-fuckin-da
Hey Biggas, say Hi👋 to The Ladies Of The Grove!
Salivating in anticipation!
Peace, love and support
Spot on sentiments start to finish, BW
on  hank
Northern Organics on fire.
I heartily concur. Their lemon pie is currently giving an extra special gloss to the Tricky Trees going two up in the play-offs! Top trees all round.
Ancient Rabb1t proverb
Almost koan-like in its simple wisdom - I'm wellied into enlightenment (with a little green assistance)
it's almost easter week
Breathe some fresh magic into our lives after Easter, dear druids
251,000 deaths from medical error
The whole point is NOT "doing whatever the fuck [we] like" and having a sense of compassion to those in our wider community.
I know where my next holiday will be...
Scum of the earth
Merry Christmas one and all
A fitting way to celebrate Jebus' birthday. It's what he would have wanted.
Foucault's Disciplinary Society
2020 must be a dream year for Foucauldians. Biopolitics doesn't seem so abstract on Day 30 of lockdown, does it?! Having said that, and as much as I a…
Block chain fees
Thanks for this info!