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Professional connoisseurs with 40+ years experience and dedication to cannabis. Super excited to vendor at Littlebiggy. Bringing you the best budz combined with a short, sweet n discreet delivery and excellent customer service. Any questions are welcome – fire away. Please read the following terms before ordering.
NugNinjaZ send everything via Royal Mail 1st Class or Special Delivery depending which service you select. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and associated restrictions delivery typically takes place within 2-5 days via Royal Mail 1st Class postage and in some instances up to 72 hours for special delivery but can take longer. Please note any such delays in delivery are beyond our control, once an item is marked as posted it is in the post box. For security reasons we cannot provide tracking information to customers.
We have a minimum 14day delay period before we consider an item missing. Customers who lack previous purchase history will not be considered for compensatory reships. With a vast experience in darkweb sales we have had very few items go missing in the post, as such any dispute relating to a missing item will be dealt with at our discretion on a case by case basis. For any case in which a reship is issued it is done at 50% of the original item value. Please note items shipped Special Delivery are more likely to be considered for a 50% re-ship in the unlikely event that an item is not delivered. Postage is carried out Monday-Friday. Cut off point each day for same day postage is 11AM. Orders after this time will be sent the following day unless your order is placed on a Friday after 11AM at which point it will go out on the next Monday. If you have a problem with an order for any reason, please contact us before leaving a review or topic to give us a chance to rectify any problems should they arise. Please ensure you agree to the above terms before placing an order. Keep smokin the best N stay high
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This is a tip jar for those moments when a partial payment occurs or an accidental under payment happens. Or if you're just feeling green :) either way, its much appreciated! Cheers.

Keep smoking the best and stay high,
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Welcome Bigga'z - *Third batch of our Fire Dawg has just come in and shes just as gorgeous as ever* What a beauty! - Fire Dawg (Indica leaning hybrid)

Scrumptiously resinous and laden with trichomes - cured to perfection! The sticky to dry ratio of this bud is EXACTLY how all bud should be in my humble opinion! Goldy lox level ganja - juust right! Perfect! :)

As the name would suggest - shes laced with firey red and orange hairs that explode through a ridiculous layer of oily resin and trichs! Dense and chunky Nugz, very typical of the Dawg strains and with a smell to match thats very typical of the Dawg strains too. Pungent, skunky, gassy, fuel like terpz that leave your nose on HIGH ALERT (Kumar style - if you know, you know) and your mouth watering!

The taste is a little different to other Dawgs but in a very good way! Still got that seriously gassy, piney, fuel like flavour that we all know and love but it comes with a little dash of a citrus-ee/sharp and slightly sweet kind of tang to it, beautiful! Lovely smoke, up there as one of my favourite Dawgs to be honest! This also comes with a tyson like right hook in terms of strength when you roll a nice blunt, even if you have a tolerance that belongs in space - shes hard hitting, satisfying, certainly sits you down and shuts you up, easy to focus and - the more horizontal i am the better, i'd say this would be great for insomnia! :)
As i progress towards the end of my blunt and the stone really starts to settle in i start to notice a little creativity beginning to spark in my mind, i find myself seriously spaced out, up in the clouds and completely lost in a trail of lovely stoned thoughts! This is great bud in every way :) if you roll slightly smaller then this would also make for a fantastic daytime smoke in terms of creativity, focus and the general euphoric and uplifted feeling that this gives you.

As for the medicinal benefits - Fire Dawgs locked and loaded, this is a brilliant strain! The list is endless - it can be great for insomnia, anxiety, pain and chronic pain. Its also known to be great with depression, stress and treating ADHD and ADD as well as epileptic seizures, migraines, muscle spasms, increasing appetite (serious munchies), arthritis and also PMS. As you can see, this is without doubt a seriously well equipped strain when it comes to the medicinal side of things.

Recreational or medicinal - enjoy Bigga'z! Grab some whilst you can.

Much love and respect

Keep smoking the best and stay high!
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9/10 **FIRE DAWG**
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10/10 **FIRE DAWG**
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10/10 **FIRE DAWG**
reviewed 4 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
reviewed 5 days ago  
10/10 **FIRE DAWG**
reviewed 5 days ago   took 1 day to arrive edited 27 jul 21
9/10 **FIRE DAWG**
reviewed 6 days ago   took 0 days to arrive
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Good afternoon Bigga'z! We hope you're all enjoying your Friday!

Welcome to NugNinjaZ Euro Canna-Cup 2020/1 round 2!

England vs Scotland (18/06/2021)

For the rules and regulations please read our previous topic on NugNinjaZ Euro Canna-Cup 2020/1 before entering the competition.

The competition is now open! The competition will close at 7pm GMT an hour before the game kicks off. Again its on a first come first serve basis so please check the comments before posting your answer as you dont want to duplicate somebody else's answer as they will have already secured there place by commenting first.

There can only be one winner each time so you better get your answers in fast! Let the good times roll on - have a blast, have a laugh and enjoy Bigga'z!

Lets do this! Good luck! :) Have a fantastic Friday and a brilliant weekend!

Keep smoking the best and stay high!
England 0
Scotland 0
WINNER!! Well done jayspadez what a result!

We have sent you a private message :) thankyou so much for taking part, keep an eye out for the next competition on Tuesday (22/06/21) - can you make that 2 wins?!

Wishing you all the best and good luck! NugNinjaZ
England 5
Scotland 0
England 1
Scotland 1
Was gonna go 2 nil england, but obviously not quick enough, 🙄 and pretty much anything else i was gonna predict has gone to,haha, ermmmmmm

England 4- 1 scotland
England 3-1 Scotland
England 2 - Scotland 0
England 2
Scotland 1
We have a winner!! Well done jayspadez great result! Thankyou so much for taking part :) the 2nd round goes to you! We have sent you a private message. We would also like to say a great big thankyou to everybody for taking part you have all been awesome! :) keep an eye out for the next competition on Tuesday (22/06/21) Bigga'z and good luck ;) cheers! NugNinjaZ
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