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Uk to Northern Ireland seizure rates
There is good living to be made importing into N.I and then shipping across the land border to R.O.I. Somebody take up the mantle we will pay.
Worst Star Trek Series of All Time?
7 on the other hand I always found had my attention, I wonder why?
What if Reparations for Slavery were Paid Instead of Bank Bail Outs?
Bail Outs we should have been handing out jail time. P.S The crown raped my people and their land for a thousand years do we get a cheque I don't be…
on  Richy781
Let's hear your stoned philosophical comments
I was told the secret to life is to be happy with with what have. I am still working on it.
Good documentaries recommendations?
The Odessa Project. Not too serious Not too long. Ask yourself if you had 30 million in 1996 would you buy a Russian submarine to run drugs ?
Ms patient
Uk to Ireland seizure rates
I hope your going there to ensure the packages get through and not to put them in your own pocket.
Back with a bang new listing
I wouldn't do it you will likely lose your money.