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Every time when LB goes ofline
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Best concentrate for Pax 3
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Big up for the Gentlemen dealers!
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Foreigners to be banned from Amsterdam weed cafes
They have tried that before and epically failed.
Thank you for explaining that. I also agree with you that some public discussion is sometimes needed. But you are basically saying public opinion is n… + 4 more
13th April jj been taking on hospital.
Omg. Good luck
Back in stock
Maybe cleanup bod can fix it. I understand it is annoying, but looking at your rating history it was not 10/10 I think. So I wonder if relisting is fa…
I have a Pax3 , Arizer extreme Q and a dynvape. Check youtube channels. A lot of good content out there, like 420vapezone.
Why is some weed harsh on your throat when vaping?
A couple things could be factor. For better taste and flavour go for lower temperatures. Be sure that you grind it fine and kind of fluffy. Last: don'…
Dry herb vapers! Recommendations please
I have a Pax3, Arizer extreme Q and a Dynavap. I didn't ever really get into the Dynavap, but it is cheap and if you figure it out how to use it: appa…
Poor ratings.
Your discribtion of the product is correct. It cleary states it is not strong, I agree. The only thing you could have done better according to this re… + 2 more
All dogs are fascists....
I guess you never heart about kitler.
what if we let the boomers die?
I believe I am generation X but I will react anyway. It is an interesting discussion and I understand the thought behind it. The biggest issue I have …
Favourite games to play when you smoke/vape?
Hide the salami ;-)