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Vape temp. help please!
Anyone listing Northern Lights?...
OK LB- Pull the LiteCoin trigger!
Record Fees?!
Bitpanda fees 20/4 10pm?...£46!
So biggaz- getting a UK Cannacard?
Hash/Hookah newbie- advice please!
My Perfect Weekend....
Has PremiumExtracts shut down?
So when is the price NOT the price??
If a seller steals my money and runs, why is that a “dispute” ??
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{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Petition for the old LB website to come back.
Why exactly? On old biggy, bitcoin was to 4 decimal places which means you were getting screwed by rounding up- now it’s to 7. Then if you wanted to b…
Which sellers have the best stealth
My order yesterday from Smoggyman came in it’s own lidded Tupperware type pot to protect the fantastic huge nugs from any damage or compression. This …
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Let's hear your stoned philosophical comments
You go through life regretting your mistakes until you get to the end when you realise your mistakes are the only things you don’t regret. Boom!
WANTED successful cancer treatment 4 btc
Appreciate your sentiment entirely, but this is an odd site for the poster to come to if they don’t want THC to feature somewhere in the suggestions?
Health hacks
Despite watering it right down, ACV gives me gut ache. Shame as there are so many potential benefits and for people who need help balancing their bloo…
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Sorry but this new look is awful and unusable.
Well two of the biggest moans were bitcoin price rounding up (it was to 4 places rather than the new 7) and no shopping basket which meant creating cu…
Sadiq Khan to launch review into decriminalising cannabis in London
You can get a UK Cancard right now, it’s just started...see google.You need to obtain your medical records (but you don’t have to say why you want the… + 2 more