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Grease Monkey that loves to smoke the green!

All items sent out same day if ordered before 11:30am
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These are the cheapest of the metal grinders but will get you through when yours busts.

Both come with dust catcher and scraper.

These are medium sized grinders not the crappy tiny ones!
1 Grinder Colour 1 $15.00 BTC0.00038775
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Each Connoisseur pack includes 32 RAW Unrefined papers, 32 RAW Unrefined Tips, and a unique outer sleeve with natural rubber band.
3 Packs 32 papers and roach per pack $10.00 BTC0.0002585
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Small tip to help me get high if i have helped you out with anything or gave you a top notch service.
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10/10 100g Scales
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Normally on here reading and posting topics, i mean no point having these great high epiphanies and not sharing them haha
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