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Thank you guys xxxx
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Vaccines potentially a threat to life?
Your right I apologies, didn't see, sorry matt love you bro. actually v funny. It's the way these post are moved around and interjected in-between oth… + 24 more
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most embarrassing song in your collection?
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Who Owns Guy Fawkes Day?
Idea's are bullet proof!
Idiot guide lol....
Do we have to apply/register somewhere and link wallets for payment i'm guessing?, if so where? also slight off topic, how does one post a topic on LB…
Gang Fight: Lawyers vs Doctors (for real)
Two professions that should have a higher understanding of humanities, kickin the sh*t out of each other!
Alan Partridge's Scissored Isles
Second anything Steve Cougan. Alpha papa. 2013, how time flys.