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DIUK are the best vendor on LB for Irish consumers..... discuss...
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Irish vendors
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Radar Breeder please answer my messages and refund me like you said would
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Is Growing Outdoor Worth It?
One of my favourite sayings comes to mind.. "Better to be looking at them, than looking for them" ;) If I had the private space I would def …
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Best bang for your buck?
Hey Chopper, Id like to echo my fellow biggaz in offering you my condolences, we all go through tough times, it will hopefully turn around soon 🙏🏼 I…
First shipping to Ireland?
Hashishan came through, unbelievable packing, has to be seen to be believed. Took 23 days but who cares as long as it comes through. Ordered straight … + 5 more
Delivering to Ireland!!
I'd stay away from Radar Breeder and TGT, just my experience, DIUK for us Irish all day. Best of luck!
Anyone else finding it difficult to get hold of DIUK?
I have been shopping with DIUK for over a year, always a great service... But... I messaged over a week ago and still haven't heard a peep. Very unlik…
Love this bud and love DIUK
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Update your customer service info
DIUK are the most reliable, professional vendor on here, especially for your Irish brethren. May Jah bless DIUK, we don't need your 'i want everything…
Best stealth on LB
DIUK, only vendor bar Hasishin getting through Irish customs. If they get past Bailey the dog they'll get past anywhere! Happy shopping 😊
Delivery times, Ireland
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Human Traffic (The Film)
My mate is an extra in it!! ;)