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Long time seller on the original Silkroad, we sell cannabis, seeds,hash, oil and shatter. If you're looking for a specific strain, and we don't have it listed send us a message and we will source it for you.

Only small orders please up to 28 grams (oz), we don't do larger orders

Last update: 03/09/2021

joined nov 2020
generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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what happened with this seller?
What's Your Experience Shipping to Italy?
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I'm dutch :) and new seller here
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What's the best way to store bud - long term?
Put it in your freezer, make sure that it's dry en…
where does it ship from?
Let me know what you want to be listed 14grams or … + 4 more
How to pass saliva drug test???
Have some radishes handy, they contain peroxidase,…
What happened to Old-school Vendors
All our items can be sent from Belgium. + 4 more
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Sellers pics and set ups
Are you LE? I advise anyone against this.
Afghan or Pakistan hash
Then you should go for ice hash, that stuff is rea…
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Drug driving tests
Peroxidase kills the swap/lick test. Radishes ar…
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Suppositories/ sub-lingual tinctures
Hi, Have a look at our listings https://littlebig…
Technical question
Have a look at
Big Skud
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Any Northern Lights on here?
Sure check our listings:…
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Best iPhone bitcoin wallet?
Check out Atomic wallet (no ID needed)
Germany shipping ?
We do and send out via Holland or Belgium
Whonix Gateway
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Most Timeless Artist?
Jim Morrison
Why is some weed harsh on your throat when vaping?
Could be that there's still fertilizer in the plan…
New vendor!
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Networks Not Nations
It's a divide and conquer game, read up on Agorism…
Can I get a delivery to Malta
We do :)
Howto: How to make female seeds from regular cannabis seeds
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