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Gorilla Cookies
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Fruity Pebbles X Cheese
Riff Mountain Hash

Now this is nice. Ordered this from BudboyzUK on the 19th, arrived today, Sunday, stealth on point (just pointing out there are smaller boxes available ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Inside was this shiny brown lump of joy. Opening the baggy took some effort as it is that sticky I had to peel it off the inside of the bag.

It's a lovely deep brown that reveals a lighter brown, almost amber interior of soft, crumbly goodness when pulled apart. To the touch it's soft and can easily be pulled apart to roll into a sausage if that's your thing, or you can pull bits off. I went for a J and within 3 tokes I could feel my bald patch moistening up. Sweaty Bald Patch - tick.
The taste is smooth, deep and spicy. Cerebral high and a relaxing melt into the rest of the body after 1 smoke. Another one and I'll be ready for bed. Smashing surprise to see this had landed today and a welcomed after a long day at work.
Again, another good purchase from BudboyzUK. Keep it up.
Haha, great review mate, got me all exited. Canโ€™t remember the last time my bald patch was moist!
Nice review.
Reminded me that i still have some of this. Really hits the hash spot doesn't it and $7 cheaper than it's closest rival which i think is king hassan.
The rif has some really nice aromas going on, i swear i am getting ginger bread hints, just had a J and it settles in with a slam but it has a high that keeps your head above water, clearly indica dominant, very nice this one aswell as the gold i enjoyed that one also :)
Pink Starburst
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Bar of hash
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Just seen your offerings. Bookmarked! Good luck all.
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New customer here ๐Ÿ‘‹ Your flower is power! Beautiful grow. Bookmarked!!!
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