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We are happy to introduce us to our fellow biggies, we are a a vendor of cannabis products for over 7 years! we aim to provide high quality products and service. Great stealth and fast shipping times, and ofcourse high quality products!
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The listings that got us recognized on LB is back
Purple Urkle is a phenotype of the old school californian strain called Mendocino Purps

The flower comes large and frosty and the collas when grown are the size of ones head!!

We are undoubtedly the only breeders in the UK with this strain

The genetics are Indica dominant - so this also stands out as getting indica dominant strains are infrequent with all these hybrids around

Check out the strain information for Purple Urkle on Leafly
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This is concentrate from high quality amnesia haze

it has been vacuum purged over 90hours, so we can assure you no impurities

also we filter our own hydrocarbons to ensure were using the cleanest solvent to extract

this end quality is very terpy moist like sticky hash, but very powerful. 0.1g is enough for one person in a spliff with tobacco

if you own a vaporizer or dab rig even better!

any questions feel free to ask

cheers, TheHappyBear
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This is the traditional soft morrocan pollen hash everyone is looking for

the stamp was torn off, but it is a Bugatti Stamp if that matters, these stamps do not show quality but the families of people involved in the transport of the Hash

this is some great quality hash and very good prices

it bubbles as you put a flame near it, and immediately soften in the palm of your hands

the smoke is smooth and flavorsome, with hints of chocolate and honey when smoked

The high is one expected fro good hash, moderate cerebral effects and more of a body and pain relief effect, which by many is sought after.

We have not stocked hash in a while due to the poor quality going around

we was happy to see this hash and stocked it immediately

yours truly, TheHappyBear
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This item can be used both recreationaly and medically

This is decarboxylated cannabis shatter, decarboxylation makes the cannabis shatter active to injest orally. this 1ml syringe is enough to make 10 strong cakes

we have before made exteamly strong chocolate truffles from this, pm me if you would like the recipe

very strong sedative when used for medicine
0.3ml would give a patient an extremely sedated effect, induces an appetite and manages pain relief very well

this 1ml would contain 800mg active THC and 200mg active CBD:CBG:CBN

Please PM us if you need any advice on this, wed be happy to help any queries, we have lots of experience with this product

sometimes we get people asking us questions why the oil is so dark. i would like to add the decarboxylation process turns material very dark as it is under high heat for a substantial amount of time

please also be aware this is much more potent than any rso oil going around so should be used with caution

to make it easier to manage and measure, it can be mixed with coconut oil at a warm temperature, or mct oil

enjoy biggaz
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$100.00 BTC0.0022 2 syringes 2 ml
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This listing includes 8 capsules, each capsule has a strength of 100mg THC

Each capsule contains decarbed shatter, MCT oil and sunflower lecithin which increases bio-availability of the THC

Has a quick onset and long duration, perfect for eating disorders, insomnia, pain relief, inflammation and is great for many other ailments

also perfect for recreation in my opinion, kicks in way stronger than smoking. For a heavy sedated dose i suggest taking 2 capsules with food
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10/10 AMNESIA HAZE EXTRACTS (sugar/wax)
rated 1 day ago   took 2 days to arrive
9/10 AMNESIA HAZE EXTRACTS (sugar/wax)
rated 1 day ago   took 4 days to arrive
rated 2 days ago   took 3 days to arrive
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