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We are happy to introduce us to our fellow biggies, we are a a vendor of cannabis products for over 7 years! we aim to provide high quality products and service. Great stealth and fast shipping times, and ofcourse high quality products!
online today     joined nov 2020
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very low price for this high quality bud
we do not have alot of this in stock

grab it while it lasts, please leave good reviews. best bud at this price on LB!
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We have here fine quality flower grown by us at The Happy Bear
we have taken great care to ensure the quality is the best around
the strain itself took 6 weeks vegetation time and 8 weeks flowering

very large dense nugs full of pine notes and hints of citrus
the THC level on this strain boasts over 30%

well cured and no process rushed

we are happy to put our stamp on this!

Chemdawg OG bred by one of our teams more senior members, crossed with the very well known chemdawg and OG kush

"Cannabis newbies be warned: chemdawg tends to be very potent. consumers can expect to have a cerebral experience, coupled with a strong heavy-bodied feeling"

The Happy Bear, at your service.
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$100.00 BTC0.0052 7 grams
$170.00 BTC0.0088 small letter 14 grams
$300.00 BTC0.0155 small parcel 28 grams
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This quality of cannabis comes at a premium price. Californian grown specifically from the Bay Area in San Francisco. It is considered the best weed in the world, one can say it is the cognac region of the weed world

This strain specifically is crossed with the world famous Zkittles bred by Terphogz crossed with Wedding cake which was famously bred by seedjunky genetics, jungleboys coined the name "wedding cake" due to its flavor full cakey aroma

the zkittles terpenes are profound in this strain and will not be missed for those hardcore Zkittles lovers

it brings the best of two worlds! Extreamly dense and potent and really this strain is for the canna-seurs

Were Happy to introduce ourselves with a BANG!
We are not new to this and have much experience, feel free to contact us any time

All 3.5g comes in a sealed mylar bag from cookies, the renowned famous brand owned by Berner

At your service. The Happy Bear
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The original Thin Mint Cookies Grown by Connected Cannabis Co aka Cookies based in San Francisco

Do not be fooled by imitations, this is the original genetics, grown to perfection by the best growers in the world!

The name really captures the essence of this strain, a deep inhalation will bring ur senses to a french pattissiere leaving you feeling calm, relaxed, anxiety free, and if smoked enough; a warm sedation great for sleep and insomnia

this is a strain for canna-seurs and we at Happy bear really appreciate fantastic weed and with no doubt feel strongly our customers will appreciate this

this strain is from a limited batch!

Thin Mint Cookies is a phenotype of Girls Scout Cookies
A hybrid Cross containing Durban Poison and OG Kush Genetics

Were very pleased to have this one in stock, dont miss out fellow biggies

At your service, The Happy Bear
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1ml = 1000mg

Extremely strong great to make all edibles.

1000mg of full spectrum cannabis bho oil is 3-4 heavy dosages when baked into cakes

this can be used as medicine for pain severe pain relief and insomnia

also just one hell of a way to get high, you can get creative
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High quality phantom og hashish which was manufactured in morocco, made its way to spain and now here in the uk!

nearly all hash in spain in from morocco even strain variants such as strawberry banana, kritikal, zkittles.

Moroccan breeders have acquired seeds from breeders world over, mainly spain and california. therefore the native moroccan landrace species has been becoming more and more extinct

however these newer variants are much better quality. so i guess you can call it progress

this hash is soft at room temp so malleable, not super soft like pollen hash, has no bad taste, super smooth and strength is good

at this price this is the best hash going around in the uk. since lockdown and encro chat raids, no good hash has been coming to uk so prices are steep also

this hash bubbles nicely when burnt

we plan on adding youtube videos in the near future once we figure out opsec for that

happy smoking everyone, THB
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$60.00 BTC0.0031 small letter 3.5 grams
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This heavy hitter is enough to get 5 people very stoned

it is made with our chemdawg and then the joint is rolled on a slab on lemon extract then rolled over our amnesia keif

its an absolute power and taste bomb
$50.00 BTC0.0026 small letter 1 pre-roll
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This is concentrate from high quality amnesia haze

it has been vacuum purged over 90hours, so we can assure you no impurities

also we filter our own hydrocarbons to ensure were using the cleanest solvent to extract

this end quality is very terpy moist like sticky hash, but very powerful. 0.1g is enough for one person in a spliff with tobacco

if you own a vaporizer or dab rig even better!

any questions feel free to ask

cheers, TheHappyBear
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each pack comes sealed

each gummy is 66mg

STRONG DARTH VADER GUMMIES produced by an acquaintance who has been making eddibles for years

Best Regards, TheHappyBear
$50.00 BTC0.0026 small parcel 3 gummies
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real deal gelato 41 with that distinctive smell

this is real cali grown by cookies, bought backdoor from cookies melrose in LA

if you are looking for cheaper weed please view our other listings

any questions feel free to ask

$130.00 BTC0.0068 small letter 3.5 grams
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Gelonade bred by connected cannabis co aka cookies

very pungent in smell and potent

50/50 hybrid strain
$90.00 BTC0.0047 small letter 3.5 grams
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8/10 stardog 1g quick tester pack
rated 1 day ago   took 5 days to arrive
10/10 1000mg thc oil full spectrum
rated 2 days ago   took 7 days to arrive
9/10 stardog 1g quick tester pack
rated 3 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
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