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Noobie, recommended UK sellers
ULC have great strains and top service from them every time
Worst and best HYPE strains ??
A lot of UK rappers name drop gelato 41. Not tried it personally but it definitely puts it on the hit list
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New to BTC
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shatterizer or puffco peak
I’m really struggling to decide on the switch, boost evo or peak pro. I’ve had the money ready for a couple of weeks but just can’t commit. Keep comin… + 2 more
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What decade had the best rap?
00s for me but just because I grew up on g unit, the game, em & d12
High Fee's Anyone?
It’s currently 0.0000669 BTC to facilitate a transaction on coinbase. (£2.85)
Postmen Stopped Caring Since Privatisation
I think it’s the same for a lot of other businesses they forget that the workload is the reason they’re employed and getting wages.
Puffco Peak
I’m in the same boat and I’ve got my heart set on a dr dabber boost evo
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All new to me
Hi mate, I can spend a couple of hours on my arse with 130bpm heart rate and severe anxiety from strong sativas so it’s not just you. I’m not an exper…
Is this like in the pic
Thinking about having a go at concentrates myself but not used them before, did you dab it or vape it?
Self medicating for depression / anxiety
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Looking for new btc exchange
Do you send to the vendor from edge? What are the transaction fees like if so, cheers
Bitcoin network fees, please simplify.
Not sure why Coinbase fees are lower than a lot of others but it only cost me £1.27 to send a vendor some BTC yesterday
Favourite Current Strains
Started smoking again a few months ago after not touching anything for ~10 years. Didn’t really know exactly what I was looking for so tried a few str…
Real imported Cali
UK420 looks to have some good packs...
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Does this look like 7gs
That’s bang on compared to the 2p