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Professional Reliable Online Imported Dispensary. NDD comes with £50 insurance coverage if lost/stolen and NOT seized. '>>No cash spared on Stealth for a greater peace of mind<< Freepost on standard 1st class. >>>AM post cut off ship 09:30am<<< >>>PM post cut off ship 16:30pm No Post on Sundays <<< I am a grafter at heart and have had experience from many legit jobs. But years of this have destroyed my back and personally cannabis is the only cure to keep me mobile. Also getting buzzed is a nice side effect. I wish one day that I can open a real shop when the laws are eased a lot more. My product itself is imported between the grower and my supplier my end. I then purchase from the supplier who is a genuine normal nice guy living in a quiet neighbourhood.
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Grab it while you can... stock VERY limited!!!!!

I’m literally going to keep as much as I can for myself this is that good.

Tastes very fruity and only need a bit in a joint else you will find yourself clenching your airways with every puff!!! You will feel abit stoned halfway through smoking.... Give it about 5 mins after finishing your smoke.

ANY hernia disc sufferors like me or similar alements will instantly feel amazing... leave alone the high that it gives you.. it leaves your entire body feeling loose and truly relaxed.

P.S. I do not advise you operate any heavy machinery!!!!!!
$25.00 BTC0.0005 SATIVA (Very Strong) 1 g
$38.00 BTC0.0008 Sativa (Very Strong) 2 g
$65.00 BTC0.0013 Sativa: (Very Strong) 3.5 g
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$30.00 BTC0.0006 20 Pounds short 1 g
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10/10 Maui Wowie
rated 1 day ago   took 4 days to arrive
10/10 Maui Wowie
rated 1 day ago   took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Maui Wowie
rated 1 day ago   took 1 day to arrive
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Mowie Has Landed!!!!!!!!!
It’s nice to hear my stealth is Top Banana
Stealth switch up as of this morning
Top Quality amnesia just in guys!!!
1g free with your purchase!!
Maui Wowie coming next week!!!
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At what point do (A)s? In the product description Loose their meaning? About 6 I take it?
Happy New Year ( hopefully...)
Post back tomorrow! Free 1st class shipping! 10/10 reviews!
Merry Xmas my biggas!!!!!
Who remembers these Rare Brill 90’s lighters? You have a chance to have one for free.
Postal backups only getting worse !!!!!!
Stocked up for Christmas / lockdown ;)
Sorry no more free 1gs with purchase due to covid my supply prices have gone up due to national cannabis shortage. As so…
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