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Magic mushrooms not purchased their mushies but Magic_83 Dimitri was very good
the moral inferiority of veganism
Interesting topic! Although admittedly, a little puerile. I though we were perhaps past the point of making mass and crass generalisations about large… + 2 more
on  Jakko1992
Any good links for Shrooms / Psilo Oil?
i used to get kits from wholecelium pre-brexit. I moved onto cylocybe shortly after and never had any issues.
on  Tonic
Dry Herb Vape Advice
I have used a few different top end vapourisers just purely out of curiosity and the S and B have been the best devices all round. Moreover, I did br… + 4 more
Mushroom treatment
That’s true about microdosing. I have seen Fadiman take the piss out of The Fadiman Method/protocol- i’ll try to find a link- I was under the same imp…
on  Hammer78
Best couch lock bud
Been a while since i bought from you Pistach but your London Pound Cake was great + 2 more
Which vendor has the best dawg?
shroom of the looms purple dawg arrived today and i’ll be ordering more for sure. Stawdawg is a staple due to its pretty much constant availability,… + 2 more
Best Vaporizer at the best price?
agreed! get the dosing capsules too so the main unit stays nice and tidy. If you look after it, a Mighty will last years- well worth the money!
on  Durango09
Any seeds around?
I’ve had 100 percent germination rate with rqs autos- pretty decent yields too. I’m a complete novice
Any strain recommendations for mixing?
When i used to receive a cannabis prescription they gave me pink kush (called Aurora 20/1) and Sour Tangie (pedanios 18/1) The valencene terpene in o…
Strongest bud on LB??
I tend to go for sativas these days which have been less potent than the indicas on here in my experience- SuperHans has had on average provided the s… + 2 more
on  Ash1304
Hot Knives
Yep! Also a big fan of Captain Hotknives. Check him out!
on  {nations}
Government works only to the extent people give a shit
local newspapers are invariably run by larger media outfits- certainly in this country you will find them pushing the same pro-business and anti- peop…
on  [music]
Where are today’s protest singers?
There is still a pretty decent punk scene out there. (or was before the pandemic)Human Project, Random Hand, SB6, Crazy Arm- all inherently political.…
on  hoqwer
Is my new Mighty vape legit?
Hello! I checked mine and the text is glossy and not matt, but it could just be your photo angle. I’ve had mine for two years and never had a leakage… + 2 more
Vape temp. help please!
Aye to eliminate the plastic taste. It concerned me that if i could taste plastic i could be ingesting it… Then again i vape things straight off the i… + 2 more