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Edibles don't work on me. Change my mind.
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Edibles don't work on me.
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What strain would you like to see more of?
My favourite strain is called about 200 an ounce. Can we get some of that around here? + 2 more
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most embarrassing song in your collection?
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The mushie sent my ocd into remission
That's all kinds of good news. You must feel great. Congrats
Good documentaries recommendations?
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how does littlebiggy manage to not get busted?
All the vendors are top tier police and government officials.
#9 Make A Meme Make A Million
Love how people downvote my question about karma but don't have a response to it + 3 more
Which sellers have the best stealth
You could ask vendors to consider using Hermes or other deliverers
Sadiq Khan to launch review into decriminalising cannabis in London
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Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
Yep. Great big red flag