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Fit likeys - Best site I have found for ages - loving the content - it’s alike being in a sweetie shop ?
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Can’t buy crypto with Visa Debit?
What a dilemma I’m not sure if this helps. I use edge wallet. It’s cheaper fees to transfer from your bank without using your credit card.
Dank Loyalty Scheme
I’m in
Super Hans had a banging Gods Green Crack hoping his shop reopens soon God's Green Crack -
on  p@t
Best Sativas that pack a punch ?
Lovely Dutch lemon cheesecake from Dank 2000 - if you canna travel to the dam this vendor has quality control down to an art.
Friday Quiz
Form of digital signature to disguise the content of the message - it can be used if an author is different to the seller - it’s used for unlinkabilit…
I love fridays ❤️
Black Cherry Pie
Oh dear - I’m having a panic attack - looks like it’s all gone - surely hopefully more soon please lol
That review picture looks disgraceful, how can a vendor even send that out to someone
Yep - so disappointed but I’m over it now - this had been my second order but obviously the last - it’s strange how i had messaged to say I’d surely g…
Anyone in Scotland ?
I’m so thankful to have found this site - our street weed has been naff! - I’ll maybe try your zurple punch next order. + 2 more