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“Only the Dankest Nugz will do in life”

Top quality cannabis strains grown by myself or sourced from trusted contacts in the UK and all around the world.

Bulk and custom orders are available.

International orders always welcome.

Next day delivery cut off times...
Mon-Fri 11am.

Any questions press the chat button.

Stay safe and look after each other out there Biggaz!

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Jungle boys live resin

Imported from California

0.5g per Pack

Oil Refinery Co live resins by Jungle Boys…

Oil Refinery Co. is an award winning cannabis extraction company based out of Los Angeles, Ca. We have specialized in producing clean, potent and terpene-packed concentrates since our inception in 2014. We offer an assortment of live resins and budders, which can always be found on the shelves of TLC Collective, Los Angeles Farmers, and Jungle Boys OC.

Flavours available atm…

High Octane
Kush Mints

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Star THC Carts 1g / 1ml

Another lovely addition from SpaceMan, who bought us King Blunts and our epic THC Gummies….

Star culture cartridges are made of quality stainless steel and food-grade silicone. They feature a custom ceramic heater designed specifically for cannabis.

They're filled with premium 90% THC Extract with all natural terpene-rich flavours and zero MCT oil or Vitamin E acetate.

Flavours available…

Granddaddy Purple
Birthday Cake
Watermelon Zkittlez
Guava Star Dawg
Wedding Crasher

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THC Gummies

These are super tasty and knock out strong my fellow biggaz…tried and tested!

400mg per Pack

200mg per Piece ( 2 per Pack )

These combine our two favourite things, Cannabis and candy to deliver you a seriously wonderful high.

Bringing you your favourite flavours, these mouthwatering strawberry, orange and peach gummies are infused with high quality full spectrum THC cannabis extract.

Start slow and increase your dose as you gain more experience these are pretty dam strong Biggaz…

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Tip jar for underpaid orders / custom orders etc

Or just to show love and support

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9/10 Jungle Boys Live Resin
reviewed 15 days ago   took 7 days to arrive
1/10 Super Snow Dawg *UK Premo*
reviewed 32 days ago   took 80 days to arrive
1/10 Super Snow Dawg *UK Premo*
reviewed 52 days ago  
1/10 Stone Baked Gummies
reviewed 53 days ago   took 20 days to arrive
1/10 Star THC Carts
reviewed 53 days ago   took 28 days to arrive
9/10 Gorilla Candy Hash
reviewed 84 days ago   took 8 days to arrive edited 14 jul 22
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