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Hello there!! We are The Great Vape Company. Producing our own branded products, made using the finest of ingredients. My regular post days are Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I will operate on the other days but the days mentioned above are set in stone. Any partially paid orders, or orders that have not paid the postage will not be sent out until the balance has been paid. The cut off for same day dispatch is 15:00. All sales are final, If you overpay or order something in error I won't refund BTC, feel free to contact transaxe support as they hold the funds for a couple of weeks. I will however, refund - include extra items to match the error or send cash with your order.
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Golden Lemon by DNA Genetics is citrusy strain with a potent kick. This 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk, and emits a distinctly pungent herbal, citrus aroma that speaks to its parentage.

Golden Lemon melts over the body and shows its sedating side with heavy consumption.

Very stable, snaps at room temp. Tastes amazing, nice and clean a good dab.
$55.50 BTC0.0009 Hybrid shatter ~ Golden Lemons 1 G
$242.50 BTC0.004 Hybrid shatter ~ Golden Lemons 5 G
$416.00 BTC0.0067 Hybrid Shatter ~ Golden Lemons 10 G
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Hello there!! Presenting GVC's Golden Boy vapes, made with some amazing golden distillate and terpenes. These will only be available in 0.5ml.

I'm using the Liberty V6 Cartridge with these. The long metal tip makes for a comfortable session. They have a pyrex glass and metal body with a dual cotton wick.

Five strains to choose from:

Grape ape ~ Indica
Berry White ~ Indica
Forbidden Fruit ~ Sativa
Golden Lemons ~ Sativa
Gorilla Grapes ~ Hybrid

$40.00 BTC0.0007 Grape Ape ~ Indica 450 Mg
$40.00 BTC0.0007 Forbidden Fruits ~ Sativa 450 Mg
$40.00 BTC0.0007 Gorilla Grapes ~ Hybrid 450 Mg
$40.00 BTC0.0007 Berry White ~ Indica 450 Mg
$40.00 BTC0.0007 Golden Lemons
$195.00 BTC0.0032 5 Vapes of your choice 5 Vapes
$362.00 BTC0.0059 10 Vapes of your choice 10 Vapes
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THC Cartridges.

510 Thread

Cotton wick

Pyrex glass cart with glass tip.

Powered by water clear (or clear water) distillate and terpenes.

The only ingredients used to make these are distillate and terpenes.

Only 1ml available.

Feel free to ask any questions or post a topic.
$79.00 BTC0.0013 Sour Jack ~ Hybrid 1 Gram / mil
$79.00 BTC0.0013 Raspberry Cookies - Hybrid 1 Gram / Mil
$79.00 BTC0.0013 Green Crack ~ Sativa 1 Gram / Mil
$79.00 BTC0.0013 Blueberry Afgoo ~ Hybrid 1 Gram / Mil
$79.00 BTC0.0013 Cherry Kola ~ Indica 1 Gram/mil
$365.00 BTC0.0059 5 Carts of your choice 5 Gram / Mil
$665.00 BTC0.0107 10 carts of your choice 10 Gram / Mil
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THC-A Crystalline

It doesn't get much purer than this. I had about 0.08g using a headbanger, to say I was baked is an understatement.

Feels like a distillate high because of the lack of terpenes, its great if you have a wax or shatter that you want to level up. Its also wonderful on its own.

Comes in a silicone pot, you will need a tool to retrieve it with no fuss.

It will need to be decarbed if you want to use it for edibles.
$90.00 BTC0.0015 THC - A Crystals 1 Gram
$412.00 BTC0.0067 THC - A Crystals 5 Gram
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Green Crack is a potent sativa strain known for its energizing effects.

Few strains compare to Green Crack’s sharp energy and focus as it induces an invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day.

With a tangy, fruity flavor redolent of mango, Green Crack is a great daytime strain that may help consumers fight fatigue, stress, and depression.

This a lovely waxy / saucy consistency. I use a glass rig and blow torch, has a great taste and the effects are as described above. I've been very productive while on this.

Comes in a silicone pot, you will need some kind of tool to retrieve it.
$60.00 BTC0.001 Green Crack Sugar Wax ~ SATIVA 1 Gram
$275.00 BTC0.0045 Green Crack Sugar Wax ~ SATIVA 5 Gram
$470.00 BTC0.0076 Green Crack Sugar Wax ~ SATIVA 10 Gram
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Please read the item description before purchasing this item. Please fully understand what you are buying.

I have stated that this won't knock your socks off but i will mention it again. This stuff is mellow, 1ml of 500mg liquid is equal to 50MG THC this is way less than you would put into a joint.

I would hope that people who buy this, know what they're doing in regards to vaping, which can be quite complex to the beginner. So I advise asking any questions before buying this product.

PG only option: Made with THC distillate,PG and flavour concentrate.

VG/PG option: Made with THC distillate, PG, PEG 400, V/G and flavour concentrate.

This is a homogeneous liquid and should suffer no separation.

1ml of 500 mg liquid = 50mg THC
1ml of 1000mg liquid = 100mg THC

Rainbow = Fruity like all the skittles mixed up.

Red astair = Dark berries and currants with eucalyptus

Zoom Lolly = Rocket ice lolly flavour

I have been vaping the VG/PG version in a Zeus sub ohm tank at 30 watts, 3 to 4 rips and I can feel it behind the eyes very nicely.

Ideal for filling your favourite tank and away you go.

This wont blow your head off, just will dull the edge and curl the corners of your mouth up.

More variety and strengths will be here soon.

Please bear with me until I get a few bits organised, bottles, labels etc.

I'm not used to using eliquids, this made me cough a wee bit if i ramped it up to 20+ watts.

50/50 PG/VG will be available soon.

*Edit 30/12/2020* This liquid is a PG and THC mix only, PG liquids can make you cough some people, myself included, are sensitive to PG especially at higher temps.

This product is not like vaping distillate cartridges.
$38.00 BTC0.0007 Red Astair ~ 500mg ~ PG 10 Ml
$76.00 BTC0.0013 Red astair 1000mg VG/PG 20/80 10 Ml
$76.00 BTC0.0013 Rainbow ~ 1000mg THC ~PG 10 Ml
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Hello there!!

Raw THC distillate, this stuff is ready to go. It has been activated if you wanted to make edibles, ready to wack in a dab rig, e-nail, smear on a rizla paper.

Comes in a glass syringe, you will probably need to warm this up before dispensing, steep in hot water works well. Or it will prove to be difficult to get out of the syringe.

I think that covers everything, please send a message if you have questions.
$70.00 BTC0.0012 Distillate - Raw THC 1 ml
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Please send a message for a custom order, should you require it.
$118.50 BTC0.002 SS1 1 unit
$250.00 BTC0.0041 Mr.Zoom 1 Unit
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Dr.Cann Blitz Vape Mod

Sturdy little mod, feels nice in your hand with its sturdy metal construction. No one can see what you're vaping as the cart is housed inside this thing. The lowest heat setting at 1.4v is ideal for ceramic cartridges.

This mod will take regular sized carts, so anything that is a bit wider than a standard cart wont fit.

· Battery power:390mAh

· Battery size: 80*25.5*15.5mm

· Resistance: Support 1.0ohm and above

· Colors: Black, Silver


·Pre-heating by twice key pressing

· 4 levels voltage adjustment

·With side widow

·Compact and portable


·To Turn The Unit On/Off,Press The Button 5 Times Fairly Fast.The Power Button LED Will Flash When It Turns

·Preheating By pressing twice,with different voltage light colors flashing, 12 second

·4 Level Voltage Adjustment By Pressing button 3 times With Different Light Colors: Blue40% / Green 60% / Yellow80% / Red100%

Packing List:

· 1 x 390mAh Battery

· 1 x 1.0ml Ceramic Cartridge

· 2 x Connectors

· 1 x USB Charger

· 1 x Manual

· 1 x Gift Box
$46.50 BTC0.0008 Dr Cann Blitz Variable Mod 1 unit
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$5.00 BTC0.0001 5 dollars 1 Tip
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10/10 Green Crack Sugar Wax
rated 2 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Golden Lemons ~ Shatter
rated 2 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Golden Lemons ~ Shatter
rated 2 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
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