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Clear eyes
UKpacks Ammo
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Sativa Recommendations
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Grinder Suggestions?!?
Get yourself an electric coffee grinder. You’ll never look back. These ones from Argos are awesome for the price…
{lb help}
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Best Cheaper Vaporizer to start with?
started topic + 7 more
Count me in please :)
Mac n Jack!
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EU/UK vendors overview (18OCT2021)
Nice one, thanks
Looking For Thai Weed (shipped to USA) I haven’t tried it so unable to vouch for the quality but reviews look good.
Sunday Quiz
NFTB, is the platform’s native token and is designed to reward all network participants. The token enables holders to engage in payment and access to …
Just when I thought I were stocked up enough for the rest of the month. Take my money!
on  Inkfreak
Taking the plunge
I wasn’t overly impressed with mine either mate but I persevered and discovered for me it worked best by vaping during the day and smoking on a night.…
A picture or two
Nice one, seen the pic you put up of the bud. Looks banging! + 2 more
Static Wall?
I was only thinking the same thing a couple of days ago! Think Super Hans has closed shop temporarily for a long weekend.
What's Your Favourite Cuisine?
Thai, always my go to. + 2 more
on  Hu3Shotz
Shipping down under?
Dank2000 does mate, I think Radar breeder too. On the top of the items page it's got a bit there saying the Country, just change it to Aust and it wil…
So biggaz- getting a UK Cannacard?
Oh that’s good. I may just qualify. Have been prescribed codeine and tramadol for the pain. Hopefully everyone can get a foot in with this. + 3 more
Sample review- Budbotanist
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Best Sativas that pack a punch ?
I love a good sativa, my go to at the moment would be Smoggyman’s Mimosa. Really nice bud at a good price. He’s also a class act vendor. You’ll thank …
signed for only option?
All my signed for are just coming straight through the letterbox. No signature needed. All Smoggys orders I’ve had have fit through my post flap. It …
on  Top1066
Skint and I need a green fix
DUIK have just put a sale on. Some less than $50 for an eight.