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UKpacks Ammo
by  Jaybird
Sativa Recommendations
Any recommendations for some really nice Sativa, something that’s gonna warp my brain cells. Since finishing the last of my Mimosa from Smoggy I can’t seem to find anything that comes close.
We've got some Lemon Bubble on our menu at the minute. It seems to be a hit with a lot of people!
Nice one, how’s it compare to your Ammo? I got some of that last week and it’s probably some of the best Ammo I’ve had!
It's up there with it I'd say. For me the Bubbles more of a racier high than the ammo. I can feel a heaviness in my head with the ammo but not with the bubble. We've got the mimosa as well and that's well liked! Have a look at the reviews and see what you think mate.
True…I can’t find anything that makes listening to music as good as Smoggyman’s Mimosa…
If Smoggyman had that available all year round I'd be a very happy bigga...
Bruce Banner, the great vape company
Don't know if they're on here, but some of the best sativas I've ever had are - Jack Herrer, Shiva, Trainwreck and Lemon Tree. I think there is a Ghost Train on here somewhere, I'll stick the link in here if I can find it later. Good luck on your quest
SuperHans got some good sativa
Hi i have some orange cookies for sale ,it is 60/40 indica/sativa but it feels like a well balanced 50/50.
Thanks anyway mate, but I’m after Sativa recommendations.
I'm currently smoking DIUK's Sour Diesel and its a good batch.
So is their Haze Wreak.
i have super lemon haze which is sativa
I've got some Dutch Passion, Power Plant knocking about
We have some nice green crack
Super Hans
think the cindy99 might fit the bill fella

Cinderella 99 -
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A picture or two
Nice one, seen the pic you put up of the bud. Looks banging! + 2 more
Static Wall?
I was only thinking the same thing a couple of days ago! Think Super Hans has closed shop temporarily for a long weekend.
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Best Cheaper Vaporizer to start with?
started topic + 7 more
What's Your Favourite Cuisine?
Thai, always my go to. + 2 more
on  Hu3Shotz
Shipping down under?
Dank2000 does mate, I think Radar breeder too. On the top of the items page it's got a bit there saying the Country, just change it to Aust and it wil…
So biggaz- getting a UK Cannacard?
Oh that’s good. I may just qualify. Have been prescribed codeine and tramadol for the pain. Hopefully everyone can get a foot in with this. + 3 more
Sample review- Budbotanist
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on  p@t
Best Sativas that pack a punch ?
I love a good sativa, my go to at the moment would be Smoggyman’s Mimosa. Really nice bud at a good price. He’s also a class act vendor. You’ll thank …
I love Fridays!
signed for only option?
All my signed for are just coming straight through the letterbox. No signature needed. All Smoggys orders I’ve had have fit through my post flap. It …
on  Top1066
Skint and I need a green fix
DUIK have just put a sale on. Some less than $50 for an eight.
Covid ruins weed
I got a similar symptoms when I had covid. Thankfully it wore off a week or two after recovery. This is only my experience though. My wife who doesn’t…
Anyone had it delivered yet?
Mine arrived this morning. Smells decent. Looks decent. Perhaps on the damp side though sadly. Nothing compared to Mac10. Will have a smoke tonight an… + 3 more
This is not what it looks like
To his credit the picture has been updated to show the current bud. + 4 more
ULC are nice guys to deal with also! Mostly buy off these guys since I’ve been on little biggy. Been happy with each purchase. + 2 more
Are there any pictures of this one please?
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