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Burn, pick or sausages?
Do it the indian way. Pick it onto baccy. Then s…
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Best UK Rapper of AlL TiME?
Ty (RIP my bro), Skinny, Manuva. Orifice.
doctor doc
Am I covid symptomatic?
Could be anything with those symptoms. But at this…
what types of hash are your favorite?
I had some amazing parvati cream in amsterdam. The…
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what are the least carcinogenic fats?
As I said, the jury is out on saturated fats in ge… + 5 more
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Dirty Water Holiday
In short, you don't, it's bollocks.
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My kid has stomach pains almost every morning...
If you are worried about your daughters health, pl…
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Is Kambucha actually healthy?
I wouldn't ask health questions on here. In shor…
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