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Wonder if my XMAS Hashish will turn up for Xmas ?
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cannabis and exercise
Yep, I like to go bike packing. I take a nice bag of weed with me. This summer I rode 120 miles and pitched up over night with my hammock. Then rode 9…
Organic popcorn bud /trim & shake.
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Best LB product for medicinal purposes
Hi, sounds like you're looking for something slow release maybe.. You could try canna coconut oil. This would be more consistent, effectivness. Look u…
Highly rated Blue dream back in stock
Hi there, Is this blue widow?
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Any Strains You Would Like To See?
Hindu kush n whitewidow :)
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Who are the best home grow vendors?
Love this thread. Uk canna farm have lovely clean weed, plus bonnevilles budget and craft lines were on fire. The meringue was sublime and there dosix… + 2 more
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Where is jj5637901?
He has a friend H who helps him out. Bear with him he's a good guy X
Frisian seeds
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"partially paid"
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Does anyone actually feel any medical benefits from smoking?
Canna coconut oil helps me with pain relief and depression. For the depression it's helpful for side effects of coming off anti - depressants. And pai…
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Tracking & vendors
Yes this is very true. I have had this very experience this week. the vendor has 100%reshipped with signed for. Tbf they accepted there cock up and a…
Super Hans is no scammer
Well done brother. There's a lesson there in patients, it's a valuable virtue. It's two weeks today and I'm waiting on the last of the blue widow. Pro…
Look no further !!
With out doubt on top. Got some great strains. Frittlez was soo fruity. Loving the ging ale, banging stuff. Looking forward to poison og coming my way…