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Agent Blue
joined dec 2020
Most people think my vegetable jokes are rubbish but I don't carrot all.
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Any good game suggestions? Help a brother out
I gave up on normal servers a few years ago, I've been playing a RP/PVP server for all this time and I thoroughly enjoy it. Peoples RP can change each…
I need a new series to watch
Some of the things I've enjoyed are: The Boys Vikings 100 Only fools and horses Into the Badlands Breaking Bad Picard Game of Thrones ( Except the las…
Whats your camping must have's?
I love a bit of camping, try to go as many times as I can, when I'm able that is. Things I take: Food, I tend to have salads, pitas and kebabs. Trang…
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
UK medical cannabis prescription The link will take you to the site to see if you can get a card and all the information about it, but don't think some GP is j…
Mangos do they make you more high?
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Ohh Eww. This new look is not good
It's not my cup of tea either, it's like they discovered colors for the first time lol. I do like the bigger wall though. Saying all this I always fi…
How many people can say this site changed their lives?! xD
Made a massive difference to my life as I don't have the hassle of finding the next score, not knowing what it is, if it's been cured or on weight, fr…