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Who are your favourite sellers and why?
Another vote for druids here, they care for the product, provide the best service I've ever had on this site (I've tried a good few vendors), really g…
/!\ Sketchy vendor - selective SCAMMING /!\
Haha well said rabb1t had countless orders from druids and never an issue. + 2 more
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Best games of this/last gen?
Smash bros, Mario kart and zelda breath of the wild on the switch. Recently finished god of war and enjoyed that, the first spiderman was good but fou…
We Are Not Worthy! 🙏 (well, I’m not)
Eventhough I've taken a break recently druids is the man. Couldn't agree with all the things you said more, honestly the best vendor I've come across … + 2 more
Orders over the last week.
Ordered on Wednesday ndd and haven't received yet, rb confirmed it's at the sorting office. I'm assuming it's got seized but did any of you guys recei…
Why I stopped using Radar
Yeah in the same boat with ndd and although I want to believe its an honest mistake and is RM but the lack of responding to messages isn't filling me …
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Vendor recommendations
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New btc exchange help
started topic + 2 more
Looking for new btc exchange
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How long is long enough to contact Escrow
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Favourite games to play when you smoke/vape?
Play s few tycoon games on the pc, dead by daylight, mario kart and recently started playing Zelda Breath of the Wild and its perfect whilst having a …