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Best games of this/last gen?
Smash bros, Mario kart and zelda breath of the wild on the switch. Recently finished god of war and enjoyed that, the first spiderman was good but fou…
Best vapes for flower and hash
Depends if you want portability or not, I have a s&b volcano and its unreal, thus isn't portable though.
Bad weed! Top prices!? WTF LB?
Late to the party on this one but the prices have gone mad now its actually hard to find a q for under $100 and I'm not even talking cali. And I can't…
Who are your favourite sellers and why?
Another vote for druids here, they care for the product, provide the best service I've ever had on this site (I've tried a good few vendors), really g…
Robots are not to be trusted
Have a good birthday rabbit, I got my order in for my birthday as its the same month as well - can't wait!
/!\ Sketchy vendor - selective SCAMMING /!\
Haha well said rabb1t had countless orders from druids and never an issue. + 2 more
Matrix Resurrections
Unnecessary, ego trash