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24 Dead And 137 Infected In Nursing Home After COVID-19 Vaccination – Previously, They Had ZERO Deaths From Covid
Thanks. This discourse has been insightful. Have a… + 4 more
Sabotage feedback?
Maybe he thought it was an actual proper chocolate…
How to use?
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Money as a system of control (video)
The evil that is fiat money has only put a roof ov…
Vaccine Ingredients.........
It wasn't personal it was supposed to be a pun to … + 3 more
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How much bud when eating it?
I would say yes if you vape to the max. I know som… + 3 more
Looking for Bruce Banner ! Or any other high thc strains!
Cheesemaster is selling some. Not had any myself s…
First order
I think most newcomers have a similar experience. …
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New to LB, recommendations please!
In my experience I have only used bittylicious to … + 2 more
Anyone tried the latest batch? (Dec 2020)
I'm pleasantly surprised with this very nice smoke…
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Cutting out tobacco?
I just want to echo some of what MH said as I have…
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Possibly the Most Perfect Toking Album Ever Made?
Carbon Based Lifeforms for that ambient chill.