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send the order!
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Lay off the wacky backy
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Quality vendor, ignore the negative comments
im sorry but this is complete bullshit. i can easily show the messages where i was fucked about for over a week and fed constant lies, all which is th…
respond to my messages
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Tracking number
its been 9 days, wheres my tracking? thats right there isnt any.
youre taking the absolute piss.
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sent my order for gods sake
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Gelato Dawg April 2021
great smoke, reminds me of kosher kush a bit
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Only half of order sent
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doctor doc
Panic attacks (PTSD) from weed
could be worse, you could develop cannabis hypermedia syndrome like me and nearly die of complications of dehydration. imagine the worst pan imaginabl…
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do oz's come in two parcels?
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on  Tman77
Could cannabis be the answer to coronavirus?
I had it in feb before it was thought to be here, only thing that let me breathe was a combo of weed and the blue athsma inhaler. I distinctly remembe…
to be honest I never would've placed an order if id known these idiots were sending packs round Christmas via normal post, amateur hour. I assumed wit…