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send the order!
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Lay off the wacky backy
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11 X 1.5 GIVEAWAY 09/09
2 ounces missing from order
Their fault not yours
where is my order?
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Another missing order post
seriosuly this guy has been trying the royal mail scam? not one single person got a seizure letter so this scumbag is a lying theiving cunt
read your messages
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same here, theyre trying to scam, claiming it was sent when nothing was sent at all. + 2 more
RB is scamming sent all of us the same tracking number
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Credit where credit is due : )
are you mentally handicapped? was supposed to send me 56g and i got 14g. there is no reship policy, if he fucks up sending it its his fault and either…
Yes no ?
it doesnt. any claim of royal mail losing your package is always a lie.was fed this bullshit fropm radar breeder then when he was forced into handing …
refund/dispute not processed?
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Where are your listings bro?
quite obviously hes suspended.
Orders over the last week.
yep thats the exact same tracking number he gave me the lying cunt. hes scamming, ban him. + 3 more
Why I stopped using Radar
never sent anything. hes pulling an elborate exit scam buy stringing you along until you cant dispute. my disputes i got 95% 90% and 47%. messaged tra… + 2 more