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I can vouch for these guys - very professional outfit.Just thought I'd give them some support for the algorithm.ill be coming back round soon.
on  Mrsmum
1g free tester
Incase you feel like upping it to 6 people 😜
Welcome back
Nothing but love for this seller
Grapes n cream goes hard as fuck,lovely white ash too.
How long does refund borg normally take?
Couple of days - I did have to message back again to inquire though.
on  {rap}
best wu tang member?
on  {rap}
Best diss rap
This one is harder though
Best Current Hash on LB?
Pistach seems to have the fire hash imho. I'd definitely check him out if you have not already.
Well that didn’t last long;)
This is another level up again from Han's usual high standards. It's noticeable.
Beginner weed or hash in grams
You want book of wisdom from drugs inc. You'll probably never look back.