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Uk to Northern Ireland seizure rates
Seeing alott about Seizures in ROI, anyone got any luck in northern ireland or is it bad there too?
Live in northern Ireland and haven't had any problems receiving .

I got a bit greedy one night shopping and 11 packs came within 3 days

Lots of cannabis raid's going on around lately tho
Just a tad greedy there.
Had a few go to N Ireland no problem. Even first class reached in 2 days
Chobe Industries
There is good living to be made importing into N.I and then shipping across the land border to R.O.I.
Somebody take up the mantle we will pay.
Never an issue with my packages in n ireland,over 50 orders all delivered,even a couple from hootan got through no problem 😎
Never had an issue. Packaging has always been fragrance free.
One of my main customers is NI, sent close to 20 packs all landed. Sent a couple to ROI and they landed too but they take a bit more effort with the packing having customs.
Northern and southern have been good for us
No issues to the North :)
I live in Northern Ireland green team is the guys you want to order off best smoke and best stealth.
Looking a big order before christmas
CBD/Hemp oil
Hard hitting G
Hard hitting G
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Best place to get some top quality bud delivered to ireland?
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