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on  Freshman
Is there another way other than coinbase?
Used coinomi 2 weeks ago for my first btc transaction, pretty easy to use and quick registration only like 5 mins. But dont buy btc from coinomi, ther…
on  {bitcoin}
To those looking for a new low fee wallet.
Not bad might give it ago as fees are getting ridiculous for me
on  Raggley
Which method of consumption is cheapest?
I think im doing it wrong then becoz ive stopped using my dry herb vape becoz i think im wasting weed, it doesn't even get me touched. I might be doin… + 2 more
Within how many days after you order the vendor should contact you?
They should reply within a day there are a few with very poor communication like 'drugs inc uk' but apart from him everyone else replies within a day …
Hard hitting G
Same but i look at some of the prices for cali and its way out my price range, but any good quality top shelf for good price will do me
New to vaping looking for info
Good questions i'd like to know aswell as im looking to get into vaping. Is the high the same? Does it work out cheaper than bud?