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Anyone know if there is a way to appeal a dispute?
If both the seller and buyer wish to erase a dispute due to exceptional circumstances can a dispute ever be appealed/erased?

Who to ask in such a situation?

i think a decision can be appealed
I don’t think it matters- let Escrow Suisse know you have resolved it if it still outstanding. If it’s history then it’s history- there is no stain on your characters to be expunged….
by  Chuie
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Vaccines potentially a threat to life?
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I raised a dispute with Hootan.
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How to Request a Refund
Had a problem on my 1st transaction, Escrow Suisse refunded me within 3 days. Thanks Escrow Suisse. I will choose a more reliable seller next time.
Request refund from escrow
I had an issue and got refunded in 3 days. Talk to Escrow Suisse to get a refund, use the chat option or message them. Also, and I also learned this…
Address line does not play nice with special characters
Just noticed the same. "č" and "ć" came out in the system as capital "A". Emailed the bug department. From now on I w…