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I am basically some sort of human.
Weed is my preferred choice of existential / social lubricant, but it also helps me cope with symptoms in ways medication simply cannot do.
*here is where you put a really lame sign off, like “laters” or “stay cool” or “peace out” or more recently “Stay Safe ?”..*
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ChronusBuds Customers.
I’m a big fan of Wedding Cake! I know other sellers have it but Id prefer to wait for yours!
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Agree! Hurrah!
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I'm so glad I found this site!!
I just ordered for the first time on here too- sooo so grateful for the site as I don’t really understand street dealer ‘etiquette’ or language. I kno… + 2 more
creativity. weed vs alcohol
I find certain strains great for creativity- especially blue cheese, wedding cake and fat banana! It’s weird though... I am a reasonably creative pers… + 3 more
everyone is so angry
Couldn’t agree more! I worked in the ambulance service for a few years a while back. Scraped pissheads off the pavement more than once every shift gen… + 4 more
This is a great example of why this site works so well. As a newb, so much transparency makes all the difference. Knowing who to trust with your hard …
Who remembers these Rare Brill 90’s lighters? You have a chance to have one for free.
Heehee! I remember these- brilliant idea!