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AliKarimi reincarnated with a much more exciting name, AliKarimi2. Can’t get back into my old account for now so might as well start using this properly.
joined dec 2020
generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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First month on Little Biggy (vendor and purchase review )
Hi mate, welcome to LB! I am glad this has helped … + 10 more
Any good shakes , popcorn buds about ?
Hi mate you have been at the right places because … + 4 more
Are You an Established Member? UK-UK only.
The way it’s caked in crystals, oh my!
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Purchase & Vendor Review (Affordable Buys, including links and a bad buy)
It’s sexy stuff, no doubt. It’s quite … + 4 more
{lb help}
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Anywhere I can recover my account ?
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Trying to recover this account, if not, please send me messages on the new one .
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bigg now