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Mango cheese what a smoke!
Sorry for any delays to customers
by  tomthc1
Do NOT use this seller
1/10 review - ‘never arrived’ please contact me, i want to put any issues right!
Reward for a logo 1g purple punch (uk cali)
95 sales - my next 5 orders of 3.5g+ receive an extra gram with their order :)
Girl scout cookies coming soon :)
2 New delivery options, including Royal Mail Special Delivery & European :)
Discounted prices on all 7-14G options :)
Friday night smoke, what are we all blazing up tonight?
THC vape juice sending off for testing!
Key lime pie, UK cali incoming :)
Strawberry Kush available tomorrow, 10/10 quality :)
Shipping Update! Next day delivery $8 - 10am cut off time
2/10 review :(
THC vape juice testers wanted :)
THC vape juice? :)
4G variety pack give away :)
Lemon Tart freebie pics and thoughts
Attempting some super strong gummy bears, roughly 50mg per bear!
Gelato 41 here in the next few days!
First 5 orders of 3.5 grams or more (ammy haze) will get a 1 gram pre roll of girl scout cookies - 24/08/21
Final version (If your happy)
Shake and edible pictures updated :)
Happy Monday
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Buying Bitcoins
Anything other than blockchain, right bunch of pisstakers they are
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Best UK Rapper of AlL TiME?
Second that!