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Research should be done further starting at home, could this organism the only ones structure to resemble the human brai…
Personally, I believe all change ultimately comes from random mutation. However, 'randomness' is often misunderstood as something which has no signifi…
on  winston
More Landraces
There are some great projects out there preserving and selling landrace seeds in the UK. Amazing varieties rarely (if ever) seen on the black market. …
Take class A substances off the wall
Agreed, with the exception of psychedelics. Not only are they relatively safe, they carry less social stigma and are less likely to attract negative p…
Vaccines potentially a threat to life?
'autism' has been used as a diagnostic term for less than 50 years. it is par of the course that diagnoses would increase. common sense. + 5 more
MycoMattic update
Patiently waiting for your next drop! I will try and remember to check your profile every so often but please feel free to message next time you have …
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Shrooms uk
seconded. i know there are a couple of vendors intermittently offering mushrooms on LB but would be great to see more options as far as extracts, powd…