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'High strength skunk cannabis' - is it a myth?
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Vaccines potentially a threat to life?
'autism' has been used as a diagnostic term for less than 50 years. it is par of the course that diagnoses would increase. common sense. + 5 more
coca leaves?
It's easy to find people online who ship it to the UK but it's crazy expensive. I got 3 or 4 packs through customs a few years ago from Peru but run o… + 2 more
domestic indian seller
Hashishin delivers to the UK from Israel within 10 days so I imagine India it will be within a week. Hope you find a decent link. I’ve had a few scar…
Complete waste of time horrible vendor!!!!
It's not one person saying they're a great vendor - it's the whole community. LB is run on trust ratings, just like any comparable marketplace and Has… + 3 more
Hashishin's Lebanese Caramel Hash - photo review written by Ploop
It's reviews like this that set LB apart from other communities. Really well written and detailed. Looking to buy again from Hashishin soon so I'll ta…
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More Landraces
There are some great projects out there preserving and selling landrace seeds in the UK. Amazing varieties rarely (if ever) seen on the black market. …
Looking for Uk v