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Cannabis legalisation UK
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'High strength skunk cannabis' - is it a myth?
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Anyone suffering from weed induced derealization/depersonalisation?
Take less or quit. Be honest with yourself and don't take risks.
domestic indian seller
Hashishin delivers to the UK from Israel within 10 days so I imagine India it will be within a week. Hope you find a decent link. I’ve had a few scar…
Dagga pucks vs Thai red string?
Someone just told me it was banging on another thread so sounds like you made a good choice! + 2 more
Reefer Madness? This is 2022, right?...
Written by 'Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset', which is particularly crazy when you consider the high rate of heroin addiction &a…
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Friendliest Islamic Destinations?
Malaysia & Indonesia definitely worth a mention! Very underrated as tourist destinations. Azerbaijan is a fairly secular Muslim nation, with a big…
Indian Charas
Not sure if I'm allowed to disclose this on here but there's some available on a*l*p*h*a b*a*y currently from UK vendors - some really cheap but decen… + 2 more
Complete waste of time horrible vendor!!!!
It's not one person saying they're a great vendor - it's the whole community. LB is run on trust ratings, just like any comparable marketplace and Has… + 3 more
psychedelics and mental illness - a skeptical view
This is a well written article and I agree with him that research into psychedelics is pretty fraught with complications. On the other hand, his conde…
More details please
blonde for sure... not the lightest blonde, but definitely not red either. bear in mind that darkness just refers to how late the plants were harveste… + 2 more
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Truffle Hunting 🍄
Buying truffles directly from NL isn't that hard, there are loads of websites doing it. Just do a bit of googling and remember to check shipping polic…
coca leaves?
It's easy to find people online who ship it to the UK but it's crazy expensive. I got 3 or 4 packs through customs a few years ago from Peru but run o… + 2 more
Hashishin's Lebanese Caramel Hash - photo review written by Ploop
It's reviews like this that set LB apart from other communities. Really well written and detailed. Looking to buy again from Hashishin soon so I'll ta…
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More Landraces
There are some great projects out there preserving and selling landrace seeds in the UK. Amazing varieties rarely (if ever) seen on the black market. …