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Cannabis legalisation UK
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'High strength skunk cannabis' - is it a myth?
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Friendliest Islamic Destinations?
Malaysia & Indonesia definitely worth a mention! Very underrated as tourist destinations. Azerbaijan is a fairly secular Muslim nation, with a big…
Vaccines potentially a threat to life?
'autism' has been used as a diagnostic term for less than 50 years. it is par of the course that diagnoses would increase. common sense. + 5 more
Indian Charas
Not sure if I'm allowed to disclose this on here but there's some available on a*l*p*h*a b*a*y currently from UK vendors - some really cheap but decen… + 2 more
domestic indian seller
Hashishin delivers to the UK from Israel within 10 days so I imagine India it will be within a week. Hope you find a decent link. I’ve had a few scar…
coca leaves?
It's easy to find people online who ship it to the UK but it's crazy expensive. I got 3 or 4 packs through customs a few years ago from Peru but run o… + 2 more
Complete waste of time horrible vendor!!!!
It's not one person saying they're a great vendor - it's the whole community. LB is run on trust ratings, just like any comparable marketplace and Has… + 3 more