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Best UK Rapper of AlL TiME?
All completely subjective but Kano is my all-time favourite. Boy in da corner was a groundbreaking album, and has stood the test of time (still sou…
Selling on little biggy vs the darknet
High and Polite brought me here too!
Boveda packs in your regular stash jar?
started topic
That's what she said....
Loved The Office US - it quickly grew out of the UK original to become its own show with its own merits. If you liked this, you may like Parks and Re…
ULC appreciation post
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What's the best way to store bud - long term?
Mylar bags inside a brown (UV blocking) glass pickling jar would be a good bet. I stopped smoking for two years but still had my last 8th ‘in stock’ -…
We're back tomorrow afternoon (05/01)
Huge, huge appreciation here for your commitment to providing top-notch products; I’m sure that there are vendors who wouldn’t wait until the product …
Best weed movie?
Fantastic shout! A Scanner Darkly is just stunning.
on  Toni
Dollar prices.
From what I understand, it’s because the US dollar is most stable, for consistency in pricing.
I like the alternating savoury/sweet method :) Wotsits and Kinder chocolate are always a winner! If it’s a real munch, sometimes the creativity gets w…
{lb help}
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Royal Mail not-so-Special Delivery
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Favourite Current Strains
Another vote for ULC’s Dawgs! (White may just edge past the favourites post for me)