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Best cart on LB prove me wrong.
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The strawberry cough is a beautiful high, after a few pulls i sat down and wrote a days work in a few hours. I’d zoned out? Nah I zoned in. This vendo…
Alternate cryptocurrency to Bitcoin for payment?
Other cryptos have smaller fees. I convert my money that then convert that to BTC, not because I’m trying to save money, I do it because I’m paranoid.…
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Vape help wanted for vape noob
Say No to Drugs and G6 Extracts. These I know 100% to be legit shizzle. And when I say legit I actually mean “has stuff in it that actually gets you h…
That review picture looks disgraceful, how can a vendor even send that out to someone
I’m MM24 and I approve this message. If you get anything less than 10/10 don’t put 10/10. Be truthful, otherwise this site will be full of lies. Thin…