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Which method of consumption is cheapest?
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May 21' "Small Buds and Dust" by Drugs Inc UK
I use a herb vape too and had the same problem but have found that it's best the wipe the screen with some tissue as soon as your finished. So much ea…
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To those looking for a new low fee wallet.
I'm commenting just to tell people to NOT use Wirex. Ridiculous fees, appauling service. I transferred Eth a few weeks back... it took 6 days to tra…
{lb help}
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Cheapest way to send BTC
I've heard that coinomi is cheap but ive not tried it. The way i do it is by sending a large amount of money to electrum wallet. From there you can … + 2 more
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Bitcoin privacy. Can someone recommend a good hot wallet?
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Dry herb Vaporizer
Best bang for buck is the dynavap in my opinion.. especially if you're old school and want a joint style experience. After that maybe the storm spirit… + 3 more
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will para-chains take down the value of btc?
BTC will go down, but only because that's what btc does.. it goes up and it goes down. Ultimately it will continue to grow, 100k, 300k, 1m. It is th…