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the f.a.b.
how does a bitcoin atm work?
by  Tenpester
What it takes to crack BTC
by  Tenpester
Fiat currency uses Proof of Harm
was monero born out of a scam?
The 10 Biggest ICOs: Here’s Where the Money Went
by  spiceX1
Hip Hop's Crush on Crypto
UK 420
Moonboys Defi Token (Good investment 50-100X)
Hey guys,

A new Defi Crypto token that's worth taking a look at and investing..


This is a fairly new coin, still in its infancy (under 30 days old)
It's being added to several exchanges over the next coming weeks.
It recently got added to bitmart exchange last week, that being the first exchange to list on out of many to go.

It also taxes 10% of each transaction, 6% of each goes to all the holders.

This should 50 - 100X in time very easily.

Any interest go to:

You will need the Trustwallet App to purchase these or if your already on bitmart. Get on over there
maybe stick with the day job bigga
UK 420
It's down because they changed the token, it's been swapped over to a new one called AURUM.

Trading is now non existent for moonboys since the switch hence the low chart's.

I'm earning 1 BNB every 6 days just for holding it. That's due to the tokenomics of AURUM.
More trading on the marketplaces and I get more BnB .
All depends on your holdings and the market turnover.

Don't need a day job with that thank you
those tokenomics require some serious toking
So how... Do I buy-in?
ghetto bikes
Step 1 get a lobotomy
You need something like Pancake Swap to buy in.
The value has fallen around 85% since this tip was posted, now they've rebranded to Aurum and it's still falling, albeit slower. It didn't fall because they changed the token, they changed the token to halt the fall and left thousands out of pocket (you only got the new token if you were holding 6bn of the collapsed token).

Have a look on reddit to see both sides.
de tok
Yes, the better question is how do you short these.
Did you make some good money out of this one then?

There's really no wonder banks are making it hard to buy crypto.
Hi, thanks for the info. What makes you think it will go 100x?
UK 420
Many factors make me believe in that much price increase, as with all tokens and their infancy this is yet to get listed on alot of the exchanges. That itself is a pump signal there.

There's other great factors..
The team and developers and their progress so far in less than 30 days since token launch.
The rugfree audit and big sponsorships recently achieved for publicity.

What they set to achieve, and much much more..

Regular charity donations that creates big publicity, NFT sales..

I doubt I'll ever word this enough myself for people to understand the true potential in this token alone.

Just by holding you get a share of 6% from each transaction that ever takes place with moonboys split across its holders.

Take a look at their webpage and you will find alot of information. So much more that I can't fit in here
I found it a little difficult to buy in, I followed a video but I don't think the software was matching up with the directions. Maybe it was me, I don't know. Though would like to invest and have been watching it for the past month or so. Also I haven't seen it being updated on coingecko as of over a week ago. Where do you follow it?
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