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Smoggy Disco Biscuit
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Strongest KO recommendations
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3 Additional flavours dropping this week
Gimme gimme gimme :) Pay day this week, so lookin…
Why is some weed harsh on your throat when vaping?
sorry mate, the vape brand is storz and bickel th… + 2 more
reviewers if you want me to believe you're not shills
my few reviews are done while smoking and 20 mins … + 2 more
best couch lock hash just now?
Yeah the Mercedes, zombied me. fell asleep on prim…
on  Raggley
Which method of consumption is cheapest?
Volcano worth every penny mate, sold first and bou… + 2 more
on  Ironman36
Dry herb Vaporizer
nailed it, tried loads.. always back to the Volcan…
Our products
All the best to your bro and welcome to front of h…
Strawberry fields forever
How does it compare to Strawberry Amnesia from the…
on  {gaming}
Anyone got a jailbroken PS4?
ive still got a couple ? and the blockbuster rip … + 3 more
Favourite games to play when you smoke/vape?
sick game mate, you PL on it?