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Are Weed Strains Bullshit?
Genetics are a very real thing and apply to everything alive as far as I'm aware, certainly the regular crops we consume are plenty different based on…
Star Trek Porn
Dunno about seven of nine, but she turns my two into a four if you know what im sayin
Dreamachine - free transcendental, psychedelic experiences
Perhaps it only really works if you already experience closed-eye hallucinations?
Agreed, bought pretty regularly since his first samples and never had an issue, postage always quick, good on comms, great product and good prices.
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Help Finding Lost BTC Transaxe Enquiry
I've also just had this, I think what D+D said is right, I got a warning yesterday buying coin saying the system was all over burdened and everything …
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Yeah, these guys are all right, chances are the post man hasn't got the slightest thought that weed is in your parcel(more than any other of the thou…