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Samurai wallet / using anonymous wallet
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What if Reparations for Slavery were Paid Instead of Bank Bail Outs?
The MP for my old constituency (dorest) is Richard Drax, he's still sitting on all the wealth and land his family acquired. He sees no problem with ow… + 2 more
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To those looking for a new low fee wallet.
Edge looks pretty cool. What function do you use to send BTC to the seller/another wallet? Seems to be fairly annon other than the BTC payment method + 3 more
Anxiety Disorder
For me I think it mainly comes down to the amount of THC in your blood. If I vaped or smoke a big dose of any dank I would probably feel more anxious …
Apocalypse films
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Original Exodus stinky Cheeeeeese now available
Good luck shipping this stinky stuff haha. Haven't had proper cheese in about 10 years!
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Dry herb Vaporizer
Check out vape elevate if your uk based. I have a herbstick and dynavap both are amazing!!
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Other cryptos
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what if we let the boomers die?
I'm 27 with baby number 2 due next month. My life didn't feel lil it had much meaning before becoming a dad, I cared a lot less about everything. As f…
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Is there another way other than coinbase?
I used bittylicious to buy and Exodus as my wallet (android app). Just placed my first order! Spent just under £50 on a 3.5g (berry widow from super h…
What would you do?
Did this happen to you?
Wallet fees are crazy atm.... Any recommendations?
I just ordered a 3.5g of berry white it was £48 including about £7 of transaction fee (0.0017 + 0.000223 BTC). I can get dank for £25 from two differe…
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PGP key
I've downloaded openkeychain app. Seems to be straight forward?!?!
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I can get dank 3.5g off a few people however they don't send via royal mail hence why I've paid double what I usually would - convenience and variety.…