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Public Service Announcement 04/08
Yeah that's what I meant, but I think there's still some way for the vendor to declare it so that the import tax and VAT are prepaid (of course, cost … + 2 more
Friday Giveaway! / 2G AMNESIA HAZE
better than Euromillion !
Second order and BobMarley710 decides to not respond/ got refunded!
Damn I'm sorry man, didn't think it would end up this way. Was ready to order a second time but I'll hold off for a bit. At least you got your refund … + 2 more
Just received it
started topic + 3 more
Shipping from Switzerland to EU Biggas
Damn, got an UK order seized last week, bit fearful now :( I'll wait till moving to a new address before testing then Thanks ! + 2 more
spanish bank holiday
Isn't Easter monday a bank holiday in Spain too ? + 2 more