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Connoisseur craft 5* and top shelf budget craft coming in like Thor’s hammer!! a little about us- we are a family collective head by BonV, have been cultivating since 91 and started breeding shortly after, both were spurred on by our love of the plant hippie heritage and ultimately not being happy with what was being offered on the street. We have been lucky enough and purposely spend extensive time in Rohtang La (India) Nimbin (Australia) and finally the illustrious California where we’ve honed our skills. About our products- Strictly organic, NO PGR’s, Strictly No Pesticides, Hand trimmed over machine or tumbled to retain trichomes and therefore the plants integrity potency and medical value, Your hands will be the first to come in contact with our flower/medicine. We strive to keep the flower and resin heads intact from cropping to customer. Our menu will mostly be limited and only our elite/connoisseur craft line repeated on occasions. We will also periodically list our handmade hashish, rosin, live rosin, vape carts, edibles all of which will be exclusive to the LB community! Stealth will be on point as always and has been described by some as “a work of art” and “The best I’ve seen on LB”. Would never EVER release nothing we wouldn’t be happy to purchase ourselves. All our Medication is grown and sourced in the U.K. and we like to keep it real so no bullshit Cali import claims !!!! Finally, your happiness and pleasure is ours and we are grateful for you passing by and humbled to be part of such a wonderful community. Thank you - Bonneville Crew CUT OFF IS 9pm for next day posting . Thanks
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10/10 Pakistani Valley
rated today took 1 day to arrive
9/10 DosixGelato25 #14
rated 2 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
10/10 DosixGelato25 #14
rated 4 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
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Got my order today, it all looks freaking amazing! These guys are GOOD! I will deffo be back for more Bonneville! And thanks a lot, you have been great!! HAPPY DAZE!!! :)
Second that mate lovely bud got an 8th of the dossixgelato it's stinking and strong a good combination
Appreciate your kind comments thank you ;)))
Here here....these guys are amazing! As veteran of LB now, I can say these guys are right up there with the best.

Keep up the good work, please don't sell out, cut corners and chase the £ like other vendors and you will have a regular buyer on your hands....the first page I load up now is yours.

Much love
Hi Sensiman , You guys are killing us with the complements Thank you so much, like we said before we’re truly humbled. Really happy to serve such a cool community just a shame we didn’t find you sooner :))
We’ll never ever sell out, never compromise and never release anything we wouldn’t be happy to purchase or consume ourselves !! BonV
So after a good burn of the Dosi X Gelato and the Animal Cookies, it is perfectly apparent that these guys know what they are doing, and boy do they do it well! Always a bit nervy about a new vendors stealth, which I am happy to report was A1. The buds were not crushed by vac packing. The nugs are of a decent size, pretty dense and dripping in trichomes. Opening up the buds reveals a bazillion little diamonds winking at you, begging to be consumed! Stalks snap nicely, no bendyness. Grinds up nicely and to a good ammount. The smoke is just beautiful, perfect white ash, burns evenly and is just moorish! I couldnt detect any trace of nutes or residuals in the smoke, which for me is one of the most important things! Last night I was literally blown away by Bonneville and look forward to another burn later when I will try the berry strain.

As a few peeps might know; I am the first to moan when things arent good (which I am guilty of recently as I am sick of sub standard buds), but I am also the first to say when things are done right, and fuck me sideways on a sunday (to quote another reviewer) their flower is bloody GOOD! I hope these guys can keep up with the demand, which I expect to be very very high (lol)!

Pls try and keep a bit back for me Bonneville! :)

Really happy to have found a new vendor who does things right! Here hoping Bonneville stay on LB for a long time!

Cheers guys, your work is really really appreciated!!!!
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