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We are an anonymous organisation that believes in the liberation of cannabis and believe that everyone has a right to medicate.

-We provide great quality cannabis products with FREE delivery in UK and Headache free to your door!!

-We provide Tracking along with Free Next Day Delivery in UK (Orders placed on Mon-Fri)

-Before leaving negative reviews please contact first so we can sort any issues out.

-Please allow 25 days after the order has been processed, in order to claim it lost.

-All items placed after 4PM will be shipped the Next working day.

-All orders placed on Sunday will be shipped out on Monday unless it is a Bank Holiday.


We stock;
Uk Native Strains( Haze + dawg)
Uk Grown

-USA Topshelf
-Shake/popcorn nugs


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The shake consists of gelato 41/ 33 splitter and also zkittles cake.
Popcorn nugs are dominant in this pack.
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Different stamps all imported from Morocco or Europe. All hash is 3x filtered with a smooth texture and filled with terps.

Please let us know what type of hash you prefer to smoke and the description of it, so we can identify what to send you as according to your liking.

For example:

Hey, I prefer the soft and sticky hash that i can roll into a sausage and add into my spliff, do you have anything that resembles that?


Hey, i prefer the lighter crumbly type of hash that powders up when grinded, what do you have in stock that resembles this?

We stock all variables of hash and can facilitate what you need by the description, we also never experience hash droughts like others so shop away with no worries.

We will never disappoint !!
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London pound cake
Soft and sweet, with great high that lasts.
The smoke is clean and the texture is quite soft.
Great tasting terps that last.

Superb price for quality!!
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Organically grown USA strain called black cherry gelato
Black Cherry Gelato is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the infamous Black Cherry Funk X Acai strains.

"USA strains" are directly sourced from LA, oregon, oakland and new jersey. Where our partners origin from.

Free shipping and highly discreet packaging.
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Zkittles mids directly from USA

Zkittles is an indica-dominant hybrid that erupts with fruit flavor. The creation of Northern California-based collective Dying Breed Seeds, this strain is descended from fruity indica favorite Grape Ape and tangy sativa Grapefruit.
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8/10 Mixed gelato and zkittles cake shake
reviewed today took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Mixed gelato and zkittles cake shake
reviewed 2 days ago   took 4 days to arrive
10/10 Mixed gelato and zkittles cake shake
reviewed 2 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
10/10 Mixed gelato and zkittles cake shake
reviewed 5 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
8/10 Zkittles mids USA
reviewed 6 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
10/10 Mixed gelato and zkittles cake shake
reviewed 7 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
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5 topics on mrbean
First 20 people to shop with us got a refund?
Please let us know if you believe you were of the first 20 people to make orders with us, and if so... are we correct in assuming that you received a refund?

Just need to know
Mr Bean :)
Like Rambo11 I must of been in the the 1st 20 orders but didn’t recieve a refund 💚✌️
we never received the payment due to token error, but We wanted to know what happened to the money, this means transaxe or little biggy admins definitely took the funds.
just needed to know for peace of mind, but now we know for sure that the payments were gone to "someone".... who... we dont know but its ok.
Mr bean
Ahh I see, hope you get it all sorted out dude and cheers for clarifying💚✌️
I must be in the first 20 orders,but not received refund and wasn't expecting it either,all good here 👍
No refund here boss. No messages or anything.
Think most peoples problems with payments come from using a barc 32 bit btc address or something.
seems it's "bech32 segwit" good luck!
26 sales with 20 refunds mate How can this happen?
Watch Mr Bean and all will be explained.
😂😂😂 savage comment lol

I don’t think transaxe took the funds..

You most likely fucked up and they ain’t got time to fix your fuck up..

You basically got no transactions in your transaxe account?

Or did you give wrong btc address
Rookie mistake but we move on.
Take ls and prosper!
Was a problem with transaxe code we put in.. unfortunately we were not paid by any of the first 20 sales
They should be able to sort that out, have you messaged them?
messaged them but no help whatsoever, was just told that there was no payment address linked to the token.
Its ok though we sorted it in terms of future payments however we just had to firm the loss for the first 20 or so orders.
I hoped that if we did not get the payment, that atleast people received a refund.
However its clear that the money went elsewhere.
it is what it is... just hoped that LB admins or Transaxe support would be able to re route the payments but no luck at all.
Don’t stress at least you got good reviews from the sales and wasn’t all for nothing.

Best of luck
Just keep at it
For sure!! The reviews are definitely worth it but the loss incurred was significant.
It's alright though, only real ones take Ls and come back stronger.. speaking of we are going to have some 🔥🔥🔥 coming to the menu real soon
What are your expectations of mids/ Organically grown bud?
whats the cheapest topshelf on lb and was it actually topshelf
What must a vendor do to tick all your boxes besides banging prices and product?
Creme de la creme hashish
25 posts by mrbean
UK vendors?
Check us out for great prices on hash.. stay tuned for a selection of bud and shake coming soon.
HASH SMOKERS - Do you prefer touch crumble or soft and squidgy ?
Definitely the hash king on here... watch other vendors lower their prices to match yours... 😂😂
Are you, as a vendor, worried by the Royal Mail strikes?
As long as communication with buyers is open and you send tracking information promptly, I don't see why the strikes should be a problem ... its somet… + 2 more
Seeds and cuttings
Where are you from? ... there are legitimate cannabis seed vendors and you can legally buy it in the UK without headache, however clones are a differe…
Transaxe payment hold times
Has anyone had an issue with payments going somewhere completely different... my transaxe code that was linked to payment was not the one I have in my… + 2 more
on  mcjmmr
NDD with rm is pointless
All items are sent Next day special delivery guaranteed by 1pm, for free and sometimes if the address is nearby we will hand it to our private courier…
Welcome to LB, Hope you do extremely well... I love the prices and its great to see a vendor with reasonable pricing. If you were a vendor on the Dar…