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Order issue
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beat this beat bigga
Does this count? Wait for the drop 😂 🤡
mighty vape temp setting?
I use 185 , 195 then 210. Like Polly said, max heat for hash, and I also add a terp perl to the dosing capsule for hash/concentrates + 2 more
Correct me if I am wrong but…😵‍💫
Similar to street prices (in my area), BUT you get top shelf flower delivered the next day! C.I continue to impress me 💚🇨🇦
Gifts Gifts Gifts
Very generous of you! Is it possible for me to get this rolling tray please? 🙂 + 2 more
on  rtbobbyt
Vapman. Is it the answer?
I appreciate the knowledge 👍 I said I wouldn't buy anymore devices or accessories this month, but surely 1 more can't hurt 🤣 + 2 more
on  Jaxdog
Dollar to pound
If they want to keep their prices the same then yes, they need to lower the LB listings. Some vendors have lowered their prices already, more need to…
why are there no dates for posts in the 'topics' section
It gets mentioned all the time (almost as much as the stock counter for vendors 😅) but a borg has mentioned recently they don't want dated posts, for…
anyone pick strains by terpine profiles?
A simple method if you have no prior knowledge, is to search the strain on Leafly and see what terpenes it contains. For example, if you search &quo…
whats the cheapest topshelf on lb and was it actually topshelf
Canadian Imports, they sell top shelf flower at $40 an eighth, with free next day delivery! They're a really nice vendor to deal with too, which goe… + 2 more
on  Hammer78
LB home page not loading
Yes it's been very slow since the website went down
Really ….. I mean really
Typical Tory behaviour.
Again Pistach
There's a full network inside royal mail that are striking, including in the vendors area and anywhere in between, it's not just your postie. The stri…